TOWARDS EQUALITY ON DEVELOPMENTS, OPPORTUNITIES & RECOGNITION OF WOMEN IN ACTION  (TEODORA) INTERNATIONAL, INCORPORATED is a union of Filipino women and women groups working for rights and empowerment of grass root women.

Accredited by the National Anti-Poverty Commission, the organization is dedicated to advance women’s socio-economic and political rights  to achieve gender equality. It provides education, training assistance and other program that enhances the capacities of women to champion for a morally transformed society that is essential to achieve a safe environment free from discrimination and violence.

The organization aims to support strong ties with women groups, people’s organization, communities, government, and private institutions to carry on various programs and activities for the realization of the existing national policies and laws, as well as to support the implementations of other international policies and issuance to advance gender equality at the national and local level.

TEODORA is focusing on the following effort:

  • To advance women’s role in the cultural and social development
  • To enhance the abilities of women to better engage in economic activities
  • To capacitate women in democratic local governance
  • To promote policies and laws that protect and empower women


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